Breathing Apparatus (B.A) – Initial

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The delegate will be able to:-

  • Understand the effects and safety requirements of wearing Breathing Apparatus on the body
  • Name the basic components of a B.A set
  • Understand the electronic/mechanical gauge
  • Understand how to put a B.A cylinder on the set
  • To show competency on a visual and high pressure test
  • To show competency on a face mask seal test
  • To be able to understand a B.A entry control board
  • Perform rapid deployment
  • Perform snatch rescue/valve isolation
  • Understand basic search procedures

Course Content:

  1. Introduction (including a safety brief)
  2. Introduction to the B.A Chamber
  3. Check PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  4. Medical form
  5. Introduction to the B.A set
  6. Cylinder familiarisation and safety checks
  7. B.A entry control procedures
  8. Practical drill utilizing the Fire Service B.A Chamber inclusive of competency assessment
  9. Maintenance and safety checks
  10. Documentation/recording cylinder use

Recommended for: All staff required to be able to use breathing apparatus to perform an Emergency Response Team Function.

Duration: 3 Days (0800 – 1600)

Certification: A certificate of completion will be awarded and Training Portfolio inserts/record of competency supplied

Cost: Min 6 delegates at £750 per delegate (plus VAT)

A light lunch and refreshments will be provided (please inform us of any dietary requirements)


  • Breathing Apparatus Chamber (available at a range of Norfolk Fire Service training centres)
  • Suitable Breathing Apparatus sets (available for hire from Norfolk Safety CIC)

Note: Due to the physical nature of wearing breathing apparatus, we request that no alcohol is consumed the day previous to the course; and candidates hydrate suitably during the course day.

Delegates will be required to be clean shaven ensuring maximum mask contact and minimum safety requirements are adhered to

Delegates will also be required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to commencing training. Norfolk Safety CIC reserve the right to refuse training should a delegate fail to meet Health & Safety requirements or have a medical condition/issue that could result in potential difficulties when training. (Full charges could apply)

  • Duration: Full day (3 Days)
  • Location: available at your premises or our training facilities (see venues)
Breathing Apparatus (B.A) – Initial is available at the following training locations:


"Very well communicated across the class from the tutor and good practical exercises   "

— Anthony (Balfour Beatty) – Emergency First Response – CPR & Defibrillation Training

"Very good presentation and clear learning objectives. "

— Shannon (Pottrow Compass) – Fire Extinguisher Course

"Very well presented and organised delivered in professional manner. "

— Cheryl (Brooklands Short Stay School) – Fire Extinguisher School

"Learnt a lot and was enjoyable. Made me think about not just in the workplace but also at home "

— Sophie (Frettenham/The Lodge) – Fire Extinguisher Course