Emergency Response Team (ERT) Skill Assessment Day

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Emergency Response Team / Fire Team training inclusive of drills in confined space, snatch rescue, fire appliance, working at height and breathing apparatus.


The delegate will be able to:-

  • Understand the reasons for wearing correctly maintained  PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) meeting the requires standards
  • Demonstrate correct and safe use of ERT (Emergency Response Team) equipment
  • Maintain and understand individual and group responsibility in testing and documentation compliance of all ERT equipment
  • Identify areas of compliance in terms of compliance and failure whilst also identifying improvement measures

Course Content:

  1. Registration and Introduction (including a safety brief)
  2. Correct PPE
  3. Course program (supplied on the day)
  4. Equipment spot check (operationally safe and fit for purpose)
  5. Dynamic risk assessment
  6. Major pump lifting from open water
  7. Major pump working from pressurised ring main
  8. Hose management (hose reel/lay flat)
  9. Fire ground hand signals
  10. Use of ground monitors
  11. Maintaining water supply
  12. Practical use of rescue stretchers
  13. Demonstrate correct hand over of an incident to other services
  14. Post incident considerations (including external and environmental considerations)
  15. Team working assessment and Team Leader where applicable

Recommended for: Fully trained Emergency Response Team members

Duration: 1 Day (0800 – 1600)

Certification: Training Portfolio inclusive of updates and assessments included.

Cost: £232.96 per delegate (plus VAT) Min 6 – Max 8 delegates

2 Day Initial ERT Skills Assessment Course available for £437.00 per delegate (plus VAT) Min 6 – Max 8 delegates



  • Breathing Apparatus sets
  • Gas tight suits
  • Fire appliance
  • Manikin (for use in simulated rescues)
  • Your ERT company on-site location

Note: Due to the physical nature of wearing breathing apparatus, we request that no alcohol is consumed the day previous to the course; and candidates hydrate suitably during the course day.

Delegates will be required to be clean shaven ensuring maximum mask contact and minimum safety requirements are adhered to.

Delegates will also be required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to commencing training. Norfolk Safety CIC reserve the right to refuse training should a delegate fail to meet Health & Safety requirements or have a medical condition/issue that could result in potential difficulties when training. (Full charges could apply)




  • Duration: Full day (8 hours)
  • Location: available at your premises or our training facilities (see venues)


"Very good structure, all activities relevant to my work. Fantastic facilitators"

— Day Technician (British Sugar Wissington) 2 Day ERT Skills Training

"Very good course, well presented and very easy to understand"

— Combustion Tech (British Sugar Newark) 2 Day Initial Skills Training