Safety On A Petroleum Forecourt (Norfolk/Suffolk Trading Standards)

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Delegate on course Extinguisher

 Bespoke course developed for Trading Standards

To enable the delegate to carry out the Trading Standards function of performing measurement checks on forecourts, whilst recognising legislative and safe working practices.

We have developed bespoke courses in Fire Marshal/Warden, First Aid, Spill Kit Training, Fire Risk Assessment, Evac Chair and Emergency Response Team courses (Breathing Apparatus, Team Leader, Trauma Care, Skills Assessments/training) for many companies and organisations nationally such as: British Sugar, NHS, Kettle Foods, Unilever, Trading Standards, Highways England, Norfolk County Council, RG Carter and more. If you require a bespoke/tailored course and wish to discuss your specific needs please don’t hesitate to contact us



The delegates will be able to:-

  • Gain an understanding of safe arrival, testing and departure good working practices
  • Take the appropriate actions in an emergency
  • Identify the correct extinguisher to use in the event of a fire
  • Gain an understanding of environmental impact and the precautions that need to be taken in an incident.

Course Content:

  • Petroleum Spirit + Diesel
  • Liquid to Vapour Ratio
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas
  • Caravans & Mobile Homes
  • Emergency Shut Off
  • Use of Mobile Phones on Forecourts
  • Your Safety In The Workplace
  • Legislation
  • Health and Safety (PPE)
  • Arrival on Site & Setting Up
  • Good Safety Practices
  • First Aid
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Hazard Reduction
  • Forecourt Zones
  • Below Ground Off Set Fills/Vapour Recovery
  • Delivery & Return
  • Environmental Impact and Protection
  • Fire Safety Culture
  • Fire Control Measures, Secuirty and Fire Fighting Media
  • Triangle Of Combsution
  • Fire/Heat Spread
  • Dealing With A Person on Fire
  • Extinguishers & Fire Blanket (Practical including Car/Vehicle fires)

Recommended for: Trading Standards Staff responsible for performing measurement checks on Petroleum Forecourts.

Duration: 1 Day

Certification: A certificate of attendance will be awarded.

Cost: £1750 + VAT (Max 12 delegates)

Includes: A light lunch, Fire Extinguisher Practical specific to Petroleum Forecourts & 2 Year Certification

  • Duration: Full day (7 hours)
  • Location: available at your premises or our training facilities (see venues)
Safety On A Petroleum Forecourt (Norfolk/Suffolk Trading Standards) is available at the following training locations:


"Serious and important training delivered in a light hearted nature meaning everyone stayed engaged throughout. Staff now feel empowered to react appropriately in an emergency situation. "

— Harrison McNaught, Maintenance Manager, Mars Food UK

"Very Interesting and has increased my awareness "

— (Youngs Doors) Fire Risk Assessment Introduction

"It has made me more aware of potential hazards and alerted me to ones in my own home "

— Residential Childrens Practioner (Norfolk County Council) Fire Marshal Course

"Very good course, well presented and very easy to understand "

— Combustion Tech (British Sugar Newark) 2 Day Initial Skills Training