Fire Blanket £10

Fire Blanket £10

Fire Chief Fire Blanket 1.2m x 1.2m

The Norfolk Safety CIC Fire Marshal course teaches delegates how to safely and effectively use a Fire Blanket with practical training.

We offer all delegates the opportunity to purchase a Fire Blanket on the course. Fire Blankets are £10.

The inflammable nature of the blanket allows it to work at temperatures of up to 550˚C, suffocating a fire, not allowing any oxygen to it and breaking the fire triangle.

These blankets are ideal for home kitchens, staff rooms, cafe environments or in office spaces. The blankets can be mounted to a wall and be easily and quickly released for use. This larger blanket can also be used to wrap around a person therefore giving an added layer of protection whilst escaping from fire situations.

The 1.2m x 1.2m fire blanket is double-sided, silicone coated K100 glasscloth in a twill weave. It is held in a soft PVC pack secured by a velcro strap. When the strap is pulled, the blanket is released therefore making it reliable and convenient to access during an emergency.

  • Kitemark certified to BSEN1869:1997
  • Screen printed soft PVC pack
  • 5 year guarantee

For more information on any of our products or Fire Safety Courses on offer please contact us.

  • Price: £10
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"Serious and important training delivered in a light hearted nature meaning everyone stayed engaged throughout. Staff now feel empowered to react appropriately in an emergency situation. "

— Harrison McNaught, Maintenance Manager, Mars Food UK

"As a result of attending these courses I have taught my sons that there are different ways to get out of our house in a fire situation… "

— Procurement Specialist (Norfolk County Council) Fire Marshal Course

"Excellent and thorough communication. would highly recommend. "

— Stock Control (Rainbow Wholefoods) Emergency First Aid at Work Course

"A well constructed and thought provoking course. "

— Health & Safety Manager (Aeropak) Fire Risk Assessment Introduction Course